Meet the Board

Our mission is to assist the business, industry and professional community to promote their products and services and to continue to improve our quality of life.  It is also our mission to Develop, Promote, and Grow our businesses of Ida Grove.


J. D. Parks – President

JD is the president of Parks Accounting and Consulting, as well as the Practice Administrator of Patera Family Dentistry.  He has been a Board Member for 5 years and enjoys working with the local businesses to make Ida Grove a better place for people to shop, live and work.

Grant Patera – Vice-President

Jean Whiteing – Secretary

Rita Rohde- Treasurer


Doug Clough

Doug Clough is the customer service manager for Midwest Industries, Inc., a local marine industry manufacturer. He has served on the Ida Grove City Council since 2010 and the Chamber since 2011. He is also a columnist for The Ida County Courier and freelances for regional publications.

Sharron Krambeck

Sharon is a Loan Assistant/Processor at United Bank of Iowa. She has been a Board Member for one year.

Pete Ernzen

Ryan Goodman

Dan Remer

Dan Is a Real Estate Broker and Appraiser for Remer Realty and Appraisal. As a Real Estate Broker, Dan has been able to see first hand the decisions and actions of buyers moving to the community. This perspective has helped him to understand that often time’s people are making a choice of where to live and locate based on the perceived value of the community as a whole.


For more information contact Ida Grove Chamber or Commerce 407 Second Street Ida Grove, IA 51445
Phone (712)-364-3404